The sales and marketing landscape is a rapidly evolving environment determined by emerging technology and best practice methodologies. Many organisations now have a better understanding of the importance of inbound marketing and the role it plays in supporting sales teams and driving new business leads.

There are many elements that make up the sales and marketing automation process, it is no longer as straight forward as it once was. The sales process requires a flexible, blended approach, with humans and technology coming together when and where required, delivering the right content and messaging, to different buyer persona’s and their needs.

You need a well-oiled engine and a race ready team to research content and nurture prospects through the buying process. It is important to recognise the key elements that make up the winning formula to Sales success to get all the wheels and cogs moving in cohesion.

The engine without the vehicle or the driver alone, for example is not a functioning race team.

Success happens when you bring all the elements together, combining the platform, process and people to drive your leads through the sales process.


It’s now big data, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence that are really advancing things. The solid foundation of a sales platform that can integrate with your CRM and give you real time visibility and insight is what matters.


It’s about speed and execution and tracking velocity metrics, to propel sales forward with everything working in unison. A real time metrics dashboard that shows you what you need to know so you can make FAST decisions with accuracy.


You need modern sales leaders and professionals with an agile approach, to constantly access and adjust campaign direction as needed. Keeping the buyer in mind and providing a human connection and service.


Hiring and training good people comes first… if you have good people, with the right training and tools, they will bring in the leads. It’s about planning and strategy, adapting and changing, reacting to customers needs and delivering winning results. Create a culture and a mantra and make it the core of everything you do.

With all the elements in place you have the formula to begin the journey to accelerate sales and grow your business.

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