Even the most experienced sales professionals sometimes find it challenging spending long hours on phone calls or unnerving presenting in front of important clients. You often only get one chance to make a positive first impression so it’s important to get it right. So how do you keep your dialogue, tone and conversation confident and energetic to obtain the interest of your potential customers?

Everyone has their own unique style but I encourage you to try out a few recommended tricks below to keep your sales approach fresh.


By anticipating where the conversation may go puts you in control, making you more articulate (eliminating filler words like um, ah, like) and boosting confidence. Prepare and read through a script out loud prior to the call/presentation. Struggling to shake the habit of filler words? Instead of saying “um” try saying “moving on,” or “why don’t we talk about,” or “another important point is…” When you start applying this it might feel a bit awkward, but as you practice using these transitional phrases, they will start to sound more natural


Breathing is an effective control mechanism to calm your nerves. It’s important to stay relaxed and not be overwhelmed with all the things you have to say and remember. Breathing technique is a helpful method to alleviate anxiety and produce a clearer richer sound quality. Breath low, gently using your lower abs to push down and relax, always let your throat be open and free of tension. An open throat protects your voice and produces a richer sound.

Look at your reflection in the mirror when you talk, sounds a little strange I know but observing your facial expressions and body language enables you to envisage being face to face with your potential customer and can have a direct affect on your tone.


By smiling when you talk we naturally sound more positive and happy. This emotional response stems from the function of our brains primal cortex; the contracting muscles in your face carry a signal to the brain, which creates a feeling of joy and this resonates in your voice. CLICK HERE if to learn more?

The easiest way to put a smile on your dial? (YES! I got a pun in there! ; ) Dig into your own memory banks for a funny moment in your life that really made you laugh, or watch the latest Youtube video for a genuine giggle.

Clown smile

Stand up

This one is an oldie but a goodie. Standing rather than sitting prepares the body and mind for action and automatically reflects in our voice and tone.


Simplify your message and speak slowly and clearly. Remember you know your product/service better than anyone but your potential client maybe hearing this message for the first time so be careful not to use too many industry buzz words or over complicated unnecessary language that may detract from the message.


Use the callers name several times throughout conversation to build familiarity and trust. Hearing our own names puts us at ease, just be careful not to over do it, a couple of times early on in the call and once at the end should be enough depending on length of the conversation.

Feel like your ready for something a little more advanced? Give this acting method a try…


By overacting first then reading back in your “normal voice”, your voice will automatically have more energy without the effort. It might be an idea to set aside a meeting room to yourself for this one so as not to disturb others around you!

What trade tricks do you find helpful when sales prospecting or presenting? Please share your thoughts with our social community…


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