Proven lead nurturing and marketing automation processes to enhance your existing marketing and sales efforts and maximise results. We can show you proven strategies to produce sales ready leads, extend your reputation, build on your company’s established presence and compound your penetration within the market place.

Our Platform

Our systems allow us to continuously optimise data, keeping all leads and data current and provide insight into campaign results with highly visible reporting and metrics. One powerful marketing automation platform, that simplifies the sales and marketing automation process, minimises resource costs and maximises ROI. We have the most up to date technology so you don’t have to, reducing the need for technology investment.

Our People

Our inside sales professionals understand your business, products and market, to engage potential customers in meaningful conversations and communicate the relevant material and drive sales. Lead by an experienced team of professionals with a wide variety of industry backgrounds and experience.

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Multi language capabilities

With offices and project connections across the world, our tailored and flexible solutions makes SalesPond the ideal agency to represent your brand. With one provider that can offer you professional, highly trained staff that speak the local language in the market area, providing your customers with a more authentic and engaging service. Full training and project management is conducted by our Sydney HQ to consistently provide a high standard of service and produce quality results across all campaigns. Our standard of service is further backed by our lead guarantee.

Scalable solutions

Whether your business is experiencing regional growth, temporary downsizing or restructuring an outsourced solution can help manage resource strains. Outsourcing your demand generation practice will aid to increase productivity and ROI and enable your business flexible growth. SalesPond have the capabilities to service a small local team or scale across multiple sites and countries.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is about working smarter. Unlocking opportunities by analysing data, forecasting what will happen and how to make it happen. It’s all part of the Marketing automation story and we have the technology and people to predict and track buyer behavior.

Measurable leads

The SalesPond automated marketing approach means you will receive insight and reporting on all campaigns, from cleaner data lists, scoring of leads through to campaign click results. We will show you quality leads and measurable returns – GUARANTEED.

All campaigns undergo BANT lead scoring (Budget Authority Need Timeline) and a lead score % is provided.

Predictive lead scoring analytics increases conversion rates and deal sizes by more than 3 times.

Guaranteed leads

We guarantee lead quality and volume to give you consistent reliable results. If a lead doesn’t meet your requirements it is not a lead.

No long term contracts

We will work with you to ensure you are happy with our services and we are meeting your requirements, alternatively you can cancel your contract with us at any time with no exit fees.