Where does the responsibility for lead quality lie and how do the leading organisations get this right? The first step is to clarify what is a marketing qualified lead (MQL) and what is a sales qualified lead (SQL). This is different for every organisation, a MQL might be if a lead is 1 year out from buying and a SQL might be all leads that are 6-3 months out from buying. Whatever you decide, all staff must be clear on the lead indicators and their role and expectations in the process.

An automated marketing approach that combines, measuring data, % downloads, interaction or event attendance and almost always requires human interaction to clarify and confirm what the data is SUGGESTING.

Our platform, processes and people help to relieve the difficulties of qualifying leads. Our best practice approach will maximise results by bridging the gap between marketing and sales by combining, content, technology and talented inside sales teams to provide better qualified leads and more meaningful pipeline – GUARANTEED.

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