Do you receive a multitude of bounce backs hitting your returns folder each time you send out a communication? “Sorry who? No he hasn’t worked here for 2 years!”. Sound familiar? Printing, distribution and postage costs hitting your back pocket with marketing and promo campaigns coming back in the post?

Inaccurate data is costing your business in staff time, distribution, return costs and inhibited growth. SalesPond inside sales team can optimise your data, prevent sales disruptions and provide real returns on your sales and marketing efforts.

In an environment where people are changing roles or companies every 2-4 years it is an ongoing and often daunting task to keep contact details fresh and clean. But we can in no way ignore the importance and necessity of an accurate database, so how do we stay on top of this and who is responsible for keeping data up todate? These are the questions that most organisations struggle to answer. Data management is a time consuming task that can cause issues with staff in already busy roles not affording the time to fit this into their already busy schedules. Often an outsourced solution makes the most logical and economic sense to combating this modern day dilemma.

At SalesPond, our powerful system, provides detailed reporting and data to better determine which campaigns to run, rank opportunities and expand the your database to serve up the best leads to sales.

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