Our foundation of sales success is set upon a powerful technology platform with integrated CRM which allows our talented inside sales teams log calls, create sales and marketing campaigns and track and monitor interactions with prospects. The ability to analyse data in one place with a fully integrated dashboard provides insight to better manage and nurture prospects through the sales cycle and deliver results.


This modern method of a sales and marketing automated approach gives a more personalised service, allowing us to interact with prospects, providing relevant and topical information based on their indicated interest and response levels.


Our systems allow us to continuously optimise data, keeping all leads and data current and provide insight into campaign results with highly visible reporting and metrics. The one powerful automation platform, that simplifies the sales and marketing automation process, minimises resource costs and maximises ROI.


Platform Features & Capabilities:


CRM Features

  • Customisable Dashboard Analytics
  • Online CRM Calendar Reminders
  • Contact merge
  • Mobile CRM
  • Data analytics


Email Marketing FeaturesLead-Gen-Requites-Marketing-automation

  • Automated Campaigns
  • Mass emails
  • Email templates
  • Data analytics


Lead Generation Features

  • Auto dialer
  • Call tracking
  • Lead management
  • Data analytics