It requires strategic and targeted approach to ensure you are reaching the right customers with the right message. Our sales professionals use a combination of analysing data and responses to key campaigns, with calling potential clients to gage level of interest and determine their stage in the buying cycle

SalesPond Offering:

General Icons-29 EVENTS ACQUISITION & APPOINTMENT SETTING Our sales professionals specialise in event acquisition, event follow up and appointment setting. Calling into your attendee lists to ensure the best outcome and ROI for your events.
Our ISR’s will call into your lead lists and provide a qualified supporting background for each appointment, so your sales professionals go in prepared with the best opportunity to close a sale. Our ISR’s are educated and knowledgeable sales professionals who can be trained to easily understand your company back ground, culture and products.

Manufacturing-02 DRIP CAMPAIGNS – We create personalised communications with smart, powerful messaging that meets the specific needs of your customers for each stage of the buying cycle they are in. Drip campaigns can be set up as email only or a combined approach of email and calling. We assess the data and contact history in the campaign set-up stage to work out the best approach to suit the

General Icons-25 CLIENT SURVEYS – Two-way communication is important to determine sales and marketing direction. Take away the guess work and find out what your customer wants, and needs are first hand. Also ask us about our database services for targeted reach and best possible response to your survey.

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