We may predominantly market to businesses but behind a business are people and people are the ones that make the decisions. It’s no longer B2C or B2B it’s H2H – Human to Human. Businesses need a targeted engagement strategy, calling prospects and customers and putting real context behind communications.

One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man ~Elbert Hubbard  social-icons-01

Technology and automated intelligence (AI) are fantastic tools but will this mean that sales and marketing lose sight of the human element?

You can’t replace humans and here is why…


Understanding your customers key challenges

The key is to understand your customers challenges and pain points on a deeper level and respond to them with a tailored solution. Empathise and acknowledge what is causing issues and deliver the appropriate fix. Value added solutions are what set you apart in a competitive landscape.


Listen and respond

Communication is a 2 way process, whether it is over the phone or online, listen carefully to your customers – I mean REALLY listen and respond with the content or solution to meet their needs. THEN RESPOND! Just having the conversation and walking away won’t achieve results. Put a real human strategy behind insightful conversations to deliver and exceed expectations.


Determining byer personas

Don’t waste your valuable time delivering the same messages over and over and getting the same disappointing results. In order to cut through the noise, savy marketers need to take a targeted approach to reach key decision makers and deliver the right information. It is not enough to just segment by job roles, persona segmenting requires a deeper analysis of data, with human insights and adjustments to campaigns.


Leave out the hard sell

By now most of us are aware of the shift in buyer behaviour and the effects this has on the way we market. We must meet the buyer at their need and this calls for an inbound approach. Provide valuable information and change mindsets to build trust and a leadership image. Delivering a sales or promotion message is not to be abandoned but make sure it is well timed and relevant to individuals to avoid turning customers away.


Engage your audience

Be relatable, as humans we have emotional responses. Story telling applies context and creates an emotional and memorable connection to your brand that remains long after your interaction. CASE STUDIES are one fantastic way to communicate a story, but try taking it one step further and put your case studies and testimonials into video format to maximise engagement and draw on human empathy.


Visual stimulation

Create a spark with energy and enthusiasm for your product and brand using visual and creative content. The effects of visual content on the brain are complex and very personal, yet it is something that happens almost involuntarily and this is one element that makes it so powerful.


Everyone consumes content differently, some relate strongly to written text, others numbers and statistics but we all connect most strongly to visual content. Visual content creates a long lasting emotional connection. Learn how to combine all the elements together successfully and you will have your audience wrapped up.

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