Your teams work hard to bring in leads. You have a fantastic website that generates interest and has prospects interacting, engaging and downloading content. Your marketing teams are working hard running creative and engaging events and campaigns and your PR machine is generating interest in the market.

The leads are coming in thick and fast but what happens after this? What process are in place to qualify and develop leads to a Sales Accepted Lead status where they are ready to purchase. This is the defining moment where processes and responsibilities can become confused. There are a lot of grey areas around lead ownership and lead qualification and without a clear path to purchase, you risk neglecting, confusing or turning away customers to competitors.

Businesses need to determine what is a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) and a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL) and at what stage of the process does hand over from marketing to sales occur? It is this area of confusion or GAP that requires a sales acceleration process to help further qualify and nurture leads, developing them through the sales cycle.

We need to engage each lead as an individual and respond to THEIR needs.

The Sales Acceleration Gap is the stage in the sales cycle where leads require:

  • Further qualification
  • Further education
  • Further engagement

A scientific and measured approach is required using sales and marketing automation technology. However this alone is not enough, a human interaction also needs to take place to clarify buyer integrity. This process requires a blended approach of sales and marketing activities, to develop leads with relevant information depending on where the prospect is in the buying cycle (eg; 3months, 6months or a year out from buying).

The Sales Acceleration Gap poses a serious risk in a sales cycle where many organisations big and small do not have the resources to manage large volumes of leads that are not yet ready to buy. Nurturing prospects takes, time and resources and a dedicated focus to the prospects needs and requirements, delivering relevant and timely content.

If your sales and marketing teams struggle to work cohesively, an outsourced partnership can eliminate the blame game for ‘rubbish’ leads by carrying out the groundwork, qualifying leads, setting appointments and generating pipeline. When an agency is measured on a pay-per-lead basis they will work HARD to deliver the results.

48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect social-icons-01

Source: Q4 Intelligence – READ MORE HERE

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