Whether your business is experiencing regional growth, temporary downsizing or restructuring an outsourced solution can help manage resource strains. Partnering with demand generation experts that have decades of regional expertise and specialised technology, will aid to increase productivity and ROI and enable your business flexible growth.

SalesPond Service Offering:

General Icons-21 LEAD GENERATION- Our sales and marketing automation platform enables a campaign flow to target and track leads through the sales process, with the flexibility to make necessary adjustments to content and delivery along the way to better personalise the buying experience and fast track to a sales ready status. This process allows us to deliver more quality leads FAST, growing you business and improving ROI.

General Icons-29 SALES CONSULTING – Our team of ISR’s, BDM’s, sales and marketing professionals will meet with your sales teams to consult on best-practice approaches and campaign strategy to get more reliable results and increase revenue.

General Icons-03 INSIDE SALES – We have a team of experienced ISR’s and Sales Professionals available across the APAC region who can speak the local language and understand the intricate differences between regions, cultures and the appropriate approach.

Manufacturing-08 ONSITE SPECIALISTS – We have a team of experienced BDM’s and Sales Professionals who understand the sales process and are available to work onsite. For those campaigns where the client requires greater control, where it is critical to work closely with the wider sales team or for projects with requirements around protecting sensitive information or system access.

General Icons-34 OUTSOURCED BDM’S – Our Outsourced BDM’s are available to work onsite, offsite or to train your wider sales teams on lead generation campaigns as required.


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