The workload is piling up around you. You don’t have time to spend calling and qualifying prospects or put in place processes to nurture prospects that are not yet ready to buy. B2B sales cycles are often long and the nurture process time consuming.

An outsourced lead generation partnership can help you combat the numerous hurdles and simplify your approach to developing quality leads and driving revenue growth.

It’s a smart investment if you want to get the most out of your sales teams and start to close more sales FAST, without losing sight of promising prospects.

Dirty Data Dishes

No one likes doing the dishes, but we can’t just leave them to pile up on the bench and expect them to go away or clean themselves. Dirty data is costing your business in staff time, distribution, return costs and inhibited growth.

Having the correct contact details, email address, phone numbers contact person and role not only saves time but also impacts on campaign results.

Data management is a time consuming task that can cause issues with staff in already busy roles not affording the time to fit this into their already busy schedules. Partnering with an outsourced provider to manage your data gives you access to the latest technologies, that provide detailed reporting and analysis to continuously update and expand your database. Clean up your dirty data dishes and serve up the best leads to your sales teams.

42% of IT executives have invested in big data technology or plan to do so within a year

Source: Gartner – READ MORE HERE

Light Bulb Moments

Having insight with fresh eyes as someone who does not know your product close up can give a fresh perspective. Sometimes we are too close to our product and processes for our own good. As an outsider an agency can often more easily isolate the key messaging, eliminate unnecessary jargon and deliver a more simplified, direct message that potential new customers will understand quickly.

Foreign Appliance Adaption

Can’t understand why it’s not working? Trying to recruit sales professionals in foreign countries that have the right skills, speak the local language in region and understand your business is challenging to say the least. Smart businesses engage an outsourced solutions partner who knows the local market as well as the global business allowing them flexible growth, without losing momentum or valuable resource headcount and budget.

76% of people worldwide search in two or more languages  social-icons-01

Source: Greenlight – READ MORE HERE

A Team of Chefs in Your Kitchen

Management requires proven revenue before investing in headcount, however without the man-power available, how can you get the message out to your audience and close sales and more importantly generate growth?

Whether your business is experiencing regional growth, temporary downsizing or restructuring an outsourced solution can help manage some of these resource strains.

For many products the US is a mature market and many companies are looking to emerging market areas like Asia to develop new business growth. Engaging a partner who knows the tastes of the local market gives you the expertise to create sales and marketing campaigns to entice new customers!

 95% of US businesses believe the premier opportunities for future expansion lie outside the US, with 60% of brands shifting advertising budgets toward new markets outside the US  social-icons-01

Source: World Federation of Advertisers – READ MORE HERE

Blast The Competition Away

An outsourced lead generation agency has a variety of the latest equipment and technology on hand to get the job done efficiently and blast the competition away (better than a Dyson Air-blade!).

More and more tools are emerging that help marketers better manage their online media campaigns. An outsourced lead gen agency has a specialised focus to research and develop the technology and sales best practices that make them the experts in their field.

The foundation of sales success is set upon a powerful technology platform with integrated CRM, which allows talented inside sales teams to log calls, create sales and marketing campaigns and track and monitor interactions with prospects. The ability to analyse data in one place with a fully integrated dashboard provides insight to better manage and nurture prospects through the sales cycle and deliver results.

Sweep The Floor

Get the strategic advantage on your competitors with a strategic sales approach. The tools and systems are important but having a lead gen campaign expert maintain control and oversee the system and process is where things really start to pay off.

As an in-house sales and marketing team, you are limited to dealing with and learning from your data and processes alone. The only way for you to quickly scale and grow is to find out what works by failing and failing fast. Agencies deal with numerous clients and numerous campaigns, learning from all the accounts they manage and applying them to a tailored campaign to meet your sales goals. They know about “big wins” for others and can easily apply these techniques to your campaign.

If your sales and marketing teams struggle to work cohesively, an outsourced partnership can eliminate the blame game for ‘rubbish’ leads by carrying out the groundwork, qualifying leads, setting appointments and generating pipeline. When an agency is measured on a pay-per-lead basis they will work HARD to deliver the results.

48% of sales people never follow up with a prospect  social-icons-01

Source: Q4 Intelligence – READ MORE HERE

Sit Back & Enjoy A Coffee…

You can be proud of your sparkling sales and shiny new profits! A more strategic approach is the foundation of all best-practice sales processes and allows you to deliver reliable results. By partnering with a talented lead gen agency as an extension of your existing teams you will keep on top of those house keeping duties and really start to clean up!

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