A resistance workplace model is no longer a tolerable or viable business pathway. We need to work towards the deconstruction of old beliefs to make way for the new way of doing things.

The world is changing. We must collaborate and work together both internally and with third party suppliers to best position ourselves amongst hungry competitors. Leveraging the specialised knowledge of experts in their fields can streamline internal processes enabling a fresh focus on core business.

It is not always as simple as just handing over our lead generation activities to the nearest service provider, a successful outsource partnership requires serious consideration. Before approaching a lead generation provider it is important to consider the barriers and risks involved in outsourcing and the roles and responsibilities of key stake holders on both sides to produce a highly beneficial outcomes.

The Blockers


It can be an extremely anxious experience for some to trust their lead generation activities to an outsourced supplier. There is a lot at stake from a security standpoint as well as privacy, financial and impact on reputation. Make sure you only work with providers that can show measured results and guaranteed leads. An outsourced supplier should be accountable to deliver on lead generation KPI’s.

Data security

Sensitive data is required to successfully carry out lead generation activities, exposing this data to a third party supplier carries a huge amount of risk and should only be trusted to a reliable provider that can back themselves up with solid references.


Giving complex tasks to a foreign service provider can entail a large amount of additional risk. Managing the process of distance and time zone can be hard enough alone without the difficulties of language and understanding how your brand message translates culturally. Your provider needs to understand the local market and audience.

Extra costs

It is a common belief that outsourced lead generation operations are more costly than handling them directly. However when dealing with a competent lead generation service provider, there are many cost savings accredited to recruiting, training and staff management that should be taken into account. Outsourcing to one lead generation provider that has regional or global presence can mean a more consolidated cost centre.


Even with the modern communication channels we have today we still experience communication difficulties. Location, time zone, language and culture are all elements that make up a complex melting pot of HUGE potential misunderstandings. Make use of collaboration tools and put in place regular calls and meetings to develop healthy habits for open lines of communication.


The Building Blocks of Trust

 A business partnership like any relationship pivots on the delicate precipice of trust. It is trust that is a defining factor to determine what can make a successful business story.

Most of us trust our own employees everyday, relying on them to provide exceptional service, stock inventory, manage relationships, process financial transactions, provide accurate reports and much more. So why do we struggle to give this same level of trust to outsource partners?

For some this means adjusting perspectives to accommodate a new, innovative way of approaching your lead gen practice. You should be able to look to your outsourced partner as you would one of your own employees and experience the freedom of a more successful partnership.

“The best way to learn if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” – Ernest Hemingway

Lets break it down and look at what is required to build TRUST in a lead generation partnership…


Share all relevant information and knowledge required for partners to do their job to the highest degree. If you want the best results, you need to arm others with the appropriate knowledge and tools to be a success. Put in place the relevant contracts and Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA) to protect your IP.


Don’t fall into the “us and them”, “big brother” or “tyrannical ” trap or use outsource suppliers as a scapegoat when things go wrong.


Chose a partner that demonstrates integrity, who is committed to strive towards the impossible, aim high and achieve the very best.

Include a clear Service Level Agreement (SLA) in all contracts to ensure expectations are aligned.


Cultivate honesty and integrity. If something doesn’t go to plan notify all the necessary people involved and provide an alternative solution. Forgive and move on with a focus on the task at hand.


One of the most attractive qualities of an outsourced lead generation project is the ability and flexibility to quickly react and deliver leads within a particular timeframe and on time. Make sure your provider can prove capability to provide a reliable service and scale projects at short notice.


Lead Generation: A Journey Towards More Meaningful Pipeline from Haley Doel