Have you ever gone to a corporate event with expectations of a fantastic experience only to come away a little less than satisfied? I recently attended an amazing event at one of Sydney’s most renowned, 5 star venues. I was welcomed with my favourite beverage, no expense was spared with the impressive room themed as a Great Gatsby film set and the entertainment, was right on point. A great band got everyone up dancing, immaculate, polite and efficient wait staff moved about the room serving guests canapés and topping up glasses.

It was a great event and I really had a lot of fun… BUT…

The unfortunate part was what lingered most in my mind. Unfortunately for the company hosting the event, a few important details had been overlooked – details that left a lasting impact. When I arrived I discovered my name badge was missing, which was not the best first impression to make, I wondered what else had been missed if they hadn’t managed to get my registration details. There were a lot of name badges laid out on the registration table but there certainly weren’t that number of people who actually turned up on the night (another embarrassing oversight). As the wait staff circulated the room with trays of food I quickly realised that there were very few I was able to eat due to my gluten allergy. I know being a ‘glutard’ does make me the slightly annoying one in this story, but that aside, the point I am trying to make is, these small details can give a sometimes misleading impression that your team is disorganised, inconsiderate or insensitive to the needs of their clients.

Regardless of the size of your event budget and how many bells and whistles are included, it’s the small things that count and sometimes they can add up to be disastrous and impactful.

If you can’t get the basics right, no amount of high budget entertainment is going to gloss over the underlying cracks.

As a marketer who has organised and participated in many corporate events, I understand the difficulties in juggling so many components and how easily things can be overlooked or spiral out of control.


When entertaining important guests and potential clients, you want to get it right

We can’t all be perfect, but as busy marketers there are steps we can take to ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible and this means not taking on EVERYTHING yourself.


Partnering with an external supplier will offer the support your team needs and take care of the basics so you can focus on the finishing touches and host a professional event.


Post event: Lead follow up and return on investment

When the immediate stress that accompanies planning and executing an event begins to settle, the internal pressure to follow up leads and report on ROI begins! Management and key stake holders need to know return on investment in order to forecast future budgets and as a consequence many marketers are measured and rewarded on the post event results and lead statistics.   If your sales teams say they are too busy to make calls to follow up on leads and marketing have other projects consuming there time, how are you going to produce qualify leads within the tight time frames required for lead follow up?

24 hr lead


Partnering with an external supplier can help alleviate pressure of additional lead workflow from your teams and enable a quick follow up while the success of the event is still fresh in prospective clients minds. Being able to provide measurable results and qualified leads is key to proving ROI and securing continued revenue for future marketing events.

Our sales professionals will call into your contact list to generate registrations, confirm attendance and then follow up to qualify leads post event (& MORE).  For events large or small SalesPond can partner with you to make your event a success.

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