Start-ups and corporate businesses alike are faced with the persistent pressure for expansion and growth. With technology driving an even more aggressive fast paced environment and competitors both locally and globally you can’t afford to be complacent, or you risk your market share being quickly taken up.

Achieving local market success and/or defending your status as a market leader is challenging on it’s own but generating continued growth in regions outside your local market can make you feel like a little fish in a big pond. You need the right guidance, insights and strategies to grow your reach.

There are many approaches to successfully generating leads and it is never as simple as following one simple strategy, however many of our clients have seen great success when integrating phone and email lead generation campaigns to existing sales and marketing initiatives.

One of the most outstanding adaptions of a lead gen campaign we have seen so far was working alongside The Attachmate Group (TAG). By recognising the potential gaps in a sales process, TAG found smarter ways to generate better quality leads putting them on the path to faster regional sales growth. What is interesting about the TAG story is seeing the campaign evolve from what started as a small campaign within Australia, which then grew to be rolled out across the Asia Pacific region.

As a leading technology company The Attachmate Group are dedicated to enabling customers to accomplish trends such as the cloud, mobility and virtualisation, whilst also leveraging existing investments and established IT assets.

TAG were looking for a regional vendor to qualify the large volume of inbound leads generated across APAC, in multiple languages and across four business units. Having previously dealt with a marketing services company who was underperforming and not delivering on ROI, the decision was made to enlist the managed services of a new outsource partner.


Centralised vendor management

 SalesPond was a vendor that was able to manage the multi regional and multi language challenge. SalesPond’s managed services solution provided a single contact point within Australia to assist the client relationship, managing the Regional Head of Marketing and 4 Field Marketing Managers.


An integrated regional campaign strategy

An integrated campaign strategy was implemented across the APJ region, over a 6 month period. SalesPond’s team of Inside Sales Professionals used a blended approach of email and calls to qualify a list of 4000+ inbound leads. The results of the campaign were confounding, solidifying the relationship between service provider and vendor.


The growth tipping point

Having undergone a series of recent mergers, the management board were looking closely at financial results and growth patterns and Australia appeared on the charts as noticeably one of the fastest growing countries. This attracted the curiosity and attention of management who of course wanted to know how this growth was being achieved. The results were primarily attributed to the lead generation strategy in place with SalesPond.

TAG and SalesPond put in place detailed reporting to monitor and analyse results before deciding to replicate the lead generation campaigns and roll out across the APAC region. TAG continue to see growth as their market take up continues across region.


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Understanding local business complexities

It is important to have in depth knowledge of the complexities of the local business structure and hierarchies, especially in larger corporate and government departments is integral to a successful lead generation strategy. Data sourcing and optimising technology and an educated inside sales team are the best base for launching a lead generation campaign.


Importance of a localised, multilingual strategy

In Asia where English fluency is not as common, speaking the language of the market audience is critical. Even those with fluent English comprehension prefer to communicate in their local language and receive local content. There are also cultural considerations to take into account with intricacies for business conduct that require cultural sensitivity.


In Asia, 74% of IT professionals said they preferred localised content, but 79% “struggled” to find it  social-icons-01

Source: IDG Connect Marketers, “Why Content must be localized”, May 2012 


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